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Experimental Video


Being precedes language. Language is a system constructed by humans derived from the false, centered, reductive, self-preserving belief that ‘we’ are the subject that is supposed to know, holding and exercising meaning. In order to use language novelly, we need to turn it alive by creative treatment, to eliminate a recognizable logic and liberate individuals from fixation. The concept ‘a body without organs’ asserts that if we get rid of rules that dictate what a body can do, then we will be free to do more with our bodies. This entails an experimental, decentered process in which desire continuously produces itself with continually changing meanings, unbounded by social constructs. The organism that is dictating what a word’s body is supposed to mean is eliminated through the cut-up technique. The technique depends on chance, as texts from different sources are cut up and assembled to create novel meanings. This allows freeing the mind from predetermined meanings and the language from its author by working through multiplicities. The cut-up technique functions on multiple levels in the time-based project Strike to the Conditioned to abandon any center.

There is a point I am driving towards that I desire to signal to the viewer. At the root of it is to awaken something in the viewer that cannot be quite named, thus the intended meanings do not exclude any interpretation outside of it. The undefined meaning is enhanced further with the viewers’ interpretation. That to me what essence is. It cannot be anchored in space and time. It both exceeds and precedes the steaming point.

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